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.::It was like that when I got here, I swear.::.

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//I don’t see why no one would wish to see that. From what I’m learning, many adore your figure and would appreciate seeing you.// she shrugged innocently, //After all, one’s naked form is quite lovely.//

With a happy nod, she giggled, //Indeed it is. It’s even more wonderful that those new faces soon become familiar and beloved faces don’t you think?//

Ro’s eyes grew wide. .::M-many?::. she shook her head, trying to forget about all that. Never was she more grateful for the mask hiding her face.

.::It does sound nice.::.

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this is so self-indulgent for me i love drawing myself oops 

hhhhhhey I do this all the time actually, so lay ‘em on me

I wanna try this but no one is going to ask me anything and I will be fine with that.

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Far too many notes guys, far to many.



Sincerely sorry for all the partners that I have.




//Oh Miss Ro, I’ve missed you so. How have you been?// Sri poured the tea for her guest before adjusting the pillows so that the lady would be comfortable.

.::I’ve been well. Got lost for a time, but it worked out in the end.::. Ro picked up the cup, nodding her thanks for the tea. .::How have things been for you?::.

Smiling, she sipped her own tea, //Well I’m glad you found your way back. I was worried you may have fallen asleep in a hot spring again.// Thinking for a moment, she giggled, //I would say I’ve been very well. A few minor bumps in the path but, all has been well. I have been fortunate to meet wonderful people as of late.//

She nearly choked on her tea. .::Oh no, nonono. I’ve been working on that! They don’t need to see m- Well… Nobody needs to see that.::. Flustered, she took a sip of tea to calm down. .::Have you? It’s always nice to see new faces.::.